“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else had thought” – Albert Szeni-Gyorgyi


Chloe can offer a holistic perspective on research findings as she has a background in sociology and psychology and has worked across a range of industries.

Chloe has expertise in:

  • Sampling and recruitment: Choosing your customer/user segment to be involved in your research and how to access them.
  • Desk Research: Gathering data and information on the market and customer using existing resources.
  • Qualitative methods: This includes interviewing, focus groups, observation, ethnography and online qualitative research. Chloe can design and test interview guides and surveys.
  • Quantitative methods: Chloe can design questionnaires and analyse and interpret these data.
  • Statistical Analysis: Chloe is unable to do complex statistical analysis, however she works with a consultant that is an expert on quantitative data such as data validation, linkage and aggregation, Inferential statistics (parametric and non-parametric data), Advanced data modelling (General linear models, Binary Logistic Regression, Multinomial/Ordered Logistic Regression), Advanced statistical analysis, Multilevel/Structural Equation modelling, Latent growth modelling, Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis.
  • Qualitative Data Analysis: Chloe can interpret and analyse the interviews and focus group data, we can use grounded theory and ethnographic data analysis, thematic analysis and framework analysis.
  • Reporting: Chloe is able to report and present information in a succinct and engaging way either through a presentation or top-line/detailed report.

Chloe delivers research in line with Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct and Social Research Association’s ethical guidance.