“Grasp the subject, the words will follow.” – Cato the Elder (234-149 BC)


Chloe is an experienced writer and has published in peer-reviewed journals and edited books. She is familiar with a range of referencing systems and writing styles.

Chloe can provide the following:

  • Proof-reading, formatting and editing business reports, PhD chapters, academic journal articles, book chapters and books
  • A critical eye on the content of PhD and academic papers.
  • Advice on referencing academic material.

Case Studies

Black Community Mental Health

A proof-reader for an edited book that explored Black community mental health topics. Two of the authors, wrote these testimonials:

Formalised Curiosity is a friendly, professionally and punctual service. The standard of work is high and has the respectful stance of dovetailing with  your style of writing and has a good knowledge base.(KC, PhD student)

“Chloe was recommended to me for proof reading and editing a chapter according to the publisher’s style guide. I needed a swift turnaround and someone reliable, especially as I was spending a lot of time working away both from my office base and home. I had not encountered Chloe before this occasion so there was an element of keeping fingers crossed that this would work out well without too much additional input required from me. I need not have been concerned, one phone call and a couple of emails was all the input Chloe needed from me. She delivered well ahead of the agreed deadline, did a great job to specification and even made a couple of recommendations at no extra cost. Consequently I was able to submit the draft well ahead of my own agreed deadline, secure in the knowledge that this part of the work had been well taken care of. A relieved, grateful and well satisfied customer. I would not hesitate to recommend Chloe and am pleased to have found someone I can go back to in future.” (MM, Chapter Author)

PhD Theses

A proof-reader and editor for PhD theses, Chloe has also provided critical commentary on PhD chapters and theses. She does not write for PhD students, but provide questions to consider and identify gaps to read and explore areas further.