We have worked with a wide range of public sector organisations, including:


Examples of past projects

Winter Wellness Programme Evaluation: Interviews were conducted with older people to evaluate the Winter Wellness Programme whereby older people were provided with an assessment to implement home adaptations and access to other services in addition to the provision of handyman services to fix minor structural faults. Home adaptations included walk-in baths, handles in the bathroom for additional support and fixing existing problems in the home such as draughty windows and doors. The purpose of the evaluation was to determine how well the programme met the needs of the residents and if it has an impact on their health and wellbeing.

Evaluation of Telecare and Telehealth Service: Informal carers and older and disabled people were interviewed to evaluate Cambridge Community Service Assisted Telecare and Telehealth service. The CCS ATT provide standalone and connected assisted home adaptations for older and disabled people and their informal carers. Thematic analysis was used to analyse the findings, where themes such as identity and resistance and uptake of using telecare were explored. The research has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Organ Donation Attitudes in the Polish Population: Interviews were conducted with older people to discuss Polish migration, organ donation and gift giving. This research was challenging as it was cross-cultural and organ donation is considered a sensitive topic. The aim was to explore Polish views to organ donation to understand barriers and facilitators through the ideas of altruism and gift-giving.

Older People and Disabled Peoples’ Views of Transport and Technology Engagement: This project explored older people and disabled peoples’ experiences and attitudes toward use of transport and technology. This research was funded by the Department for Transport and included primary research with older people sub-contracted to a university. The findings were disseminated at a high-profile conference in Westminster to raise awareness of the challenges older people and disabled people face when travelling and using technology across the transport industry.

NHS Direct Evaluation: This project aimed to explore attitudes toward NHS Direct services to identify across the UK population, groups that had low levels of uptake and high levels of uptake of the service. First, there was a large-scale secondary database analysis undertaken to identify these groups. Secondly, there were interviews with these groups to identify varying levels of uptake. Focus groups included older people to explore their experiences and attitudes of using the NHS Direct service.