“Everything starts with the customer.” – June Martin


Understanding your customer is key to success. Through market analysis and competition analysis, it is possible to build up a picture of how customers are behaving in the market and to see which customer segment may be most suitable for your product or service.

Chloe can offer services to:

  • Conduct market and competition analysis
  • Explore future trends and horizon scanning
  • Understand the wider context of the industry through SWOT and PESTLE analyses.


Case Studies


A Deep Dive into UK and International Markets for a Software Solutions Technology Company

For a blue-chip software solutions technology company, a deep dive was carried out into an emerging new market to identify the company’s competition and market position. The project explored evolving and future trends that could impact on the product and its development and informed the company’s marketing and communication strategy for the product.

A Deep Dive into UK and US Market to Identify Market Trends

For an large, international technology company, a deep dive was conducted to explore a global market with a focus on the UK and the US. The project identified competition, the company’s position in the market and how future trends could impact on the product range.