Around 6 years ago, I published an article on electronically organising a literature review. Curating a large set of articles, websites and books can be daunting when there is a high volume. The article has been a success with over 20,000 views on alone! Interestingly the article was referred to by a wide spectrum of organisations for a range of different reasons, which goes to show that a literature review is not just an academic task!

I have since written an ebook to provide a breakdown of referencing and how to use the system in a succinct way.

I’m aware there are a number of referencing tools out there but what they don’t offer is a way of tracking what you have and haven’t read as well as what you’ve got non-PDF copies of in a clear way. There may be a way of using these tools where they can do this – I’d love to know!

I hope the article and ebook are useful to you. Please let me know if you’ve used the Excel referencing system and what you think of it and if this could be improved in anyway. I’m always looking at ways to improve and update it.

About the Author Formalised Curiosity

Chloe is a freelance researcher, analyst, bid-writer and project manager. With a background in sociology and business, she blogs about research, business, technology and social sciences.

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  1. Hi,
    My greatest fear as a PhD student is forgetting something important. I guess this is the fear of us all. As an Honours student I started using Evernote to summarize all of my readings and all other relevant materials. Now 2 plus years on and into my PhD I have a large easily searchable database accessible across multiple devices and via the cloud. It’s Notebook and Tag approach makes everything accessible. Using the Premium version it has a very powerful search engine making a keyword search very helpful.
    I’ve also found the To Do list a useful tool in keeping a record of what readings I need to do. The challenge is to make yourself update it as you find relevant material.

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