‘Research is formalised curiosity. It is poking and prying with purpose’ (Zora Neale Hurston)



We have over thirty years’ experience across the team in researching, evaluating and measuring impact. We provide traditional and innovative qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research and have expertise in a wide range of social and health research issues.

Formalised Curiosity can deliver research projects from cradle-to-grave, advisory consultancy services and training and workshops.

We have worked with a wide range of organisations in the public and private sector:



We offer cradle-to-grave research project services, advisory research consultancy services and training and workshops.

Research Services

Literature Reviews: We can offer rapid reviews to meta-analyses of literature.

Qualitative methods: Interviewing, focus groups, observation, ethnography and online research.

Quantitative methods: Questionnaire design, Feasibility/Randomised Control Trial research design and large database analysis.

Mixed Methods: Sequential or concurrent research design.

Sampling and recruitment: We have experiencing accessing hard-to-reach communities, including ethnic minority groups and vulnerable older people, and interviewing people about sensitive topics.

Statistical Analysis: Data validation, linkage and aggregation, Inferential statistics (parametric and non-parametric data), Advanced data modelling (General linear models, Binary Logistic Regression, Multinomial/Ordered Logistic Regression), Advanced statistical analysis, Multilevel/Structural Equation modelling, Latent growth modelling, Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis.

Qualitative Data Analysis: We can use grounded theory and ethnographic data analysis, thematic analysis and framework analysis.

Evaluation and Measuring Impact Services

We can undertake evaluation using a range of models and help develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks. We are able to offer Social Return on Investment and Cost-Benefit Analysis to measure impact services have. We can develop and evaluate health behaviour change programmes and uptake of health services.

Health and Social Research Areas of Expertise

Our past projects have spanned across a wide spectrum of health and social issues:

Resilience and self-management in health Older people: Social exclusion and loneliness


NHS Health Checks
Telehealth and telecare Health promotion Nutrition and healthy eating


E-health and self-management of chronic health


Health coaching


Deceased organ donation


Social prescribing Consanguinity and genetic counselling


End-of-life and palliative care


Sexual health


Accessibility, sustainable transport and health


Our professional network widely spreads across experts in human factors, service design, user experience research, market research, virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence. We are always looking to collaborate with other organisations to build teams to create strong proposals.




Chloe is an experienced researcher and has expertise in social and health research and specialises in qualitative methods. She conducted her PhD in sociology and health psychology on Polish migrant views toward organ donation. She has researched a range of health issues including uptake of NHS Health Checks,¬†attitudes toward HIV/AIDS among Central and Eastern European migrants, uptake of healthy eating among Polish migrants, social capital and its link to organ donation and clinicians’ attitudes toward organ donation.

She has evaluated a wide variety of programmes and projects including an NHS student nurse mentoring programme, a project to provide local and charitable services to older people in winter, local sexual health service programme that provided contraception use across multi-ethnic groups and NHS telehealth and telecare services. Subsequently, she has worked in the transport industry on projects exploring social issues in transport such as accessibility to technology, Social Return on Investment on innovation projects to evaluate social impact, social inclusion through the growing area of Mobility as a Service in rural areas to improve access as well as older and disabled peoples’ experiences and access to transport. She is a Certified member of the Market Research Society and the UK Evaluation Society. Chloe has a passion for robust, rigorous and ethical research and research design.

Chloe works with a small team of consultants to deliver services and training.

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